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What is Titan?

Titan Home Improvement is a portfolio of best-in-class home improvement companies spread across 16 states (as of Q2 2021) that are fully integrated, tech-enabled, direct-to-consumer providers with a 75-year combined track record of proven success. With services including replacement and remodeling of windows and doors, roofing, kitchen, bathrooms and more, each of Titan’s companies are leaders in their respective spaces.

The Titan Difference.

Our business model means that our companies can focus on doing what they do best – speaking with potential customers, giving product demonstrations, and improving homes.

Titan’s lead generation capabilities leverage multiple sources to drive our business forward. Along with our robust back-end processes and unique shared services model, our network is empowered to provide unmatched service at a competitive price to customers.

Titan handles the following business focus areas.


Continuing to automate business,
creating efficiencies, streamlining growth, and enhancing margins.

Marketing Prowess

Marketing capabilities that consistently drive lead counts, decrease marketing costs, and target consumers with the highest likelihood to purchase.

Benefits of Scale

Providing financial and service-related benefits of scale with outside vendors while remaining great partners to them.

Data & Analytics

Utilizing data & analytics to constantly measure performance and enhance our decision making.

Centralized Capabilities

Back-office capabilities allow our operating companies to focus solely on service execution.

Successful M&A Platform

Five acquisitions since 2019, establishing Titan’s place as the industry’s “consolidator of choice.”

How We Partner with Our Companies?

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Titan leverages data and analytics to help our operating companies thrive, delivering detailed information that will guide decisions. 

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Human Resources

Titan understands that our companies cultures are strong. Our job is to enhance those cultures by implementing standardized policies, procedures and practices. 

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Titan offers incredible opportunities to its employees. We are always on the hunt for new Titans, and we succeed because we know there is no one path that people take to success. 

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Titan knows that building a company can be an all-consuming job. We stand at the ready to turn on the marketing engine for our companies, generating lead flow to perpetuate growth.

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Consumer Finance

Titan leverages its scale to ensure consumer finance providers are giving our customers the very best deals, and to ensure all parties end up on the winning end.

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Company/Customer Experience

Titan enhances the customer experience by alleviating pain-points for companies. We ensure customers feel that their projects were successful, so they refer their friends, family, and neighbors. 

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Information Technology

Titan invests in technology so we can optimize our business, serve our customers and remain on the cutting edge of the home improvement and remodeling space.

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